Featured Gifts


Robin Hood Investing App Free Stock

All you have to do is download Robinhood and get a stock like $AAPL, $F, or $S for free! No strings attached, 1 free stock!!!

Price: FREE


Solar Hand Crank Portable Charger

This is an all in one hand crank portable solar charger with radio and flashlight. This is all you need for wherever you go!

Price: Medium $$


Astronaut Foods Freeze-Dried

Dreams of becoming an astronaut dead? Well atleast you can eat like them. With this pack you can finally try a huge variety

Price: Medium $$

ezgif.com-crop (2).gif

Cool Bike Tire Light Up Attachment

These bike tire lights are the leading tech in the business! With over 40 styles of lights to choose from you can ride in style!

Price: Medium $$

Selfish Gifts Amazing Merchandise!

Get your hands on this one of a kind items! with us only having profits of 1 cent, he savings are given back to you!

Price: Low $


Edible Glitter Fun Colorful Food

Ever had unique rainbow pizza? Now you can! Just make your pizza or any other food and sprinkle on this edible glitter!!

Price: Low $


Sheep Wool Shoe Insoles

Start walking on the comfort of the sheep you count in your sleep. Just put these in your shoes and let the comfort begin!!!!!

Price: Low $


Secret Compartment Shoe Insoles

Be discrete with your valuables with these secret compartment insoles. These will hide keys to money! whatever you want!

Price: Medium $$


Lord of The Rings Coin Set

Live out your dreams of living in Middle Earth with these elvish coins! You can bribe your friends with this set of coins!!

Price: Medium $$


Cool Glow in The Dark Rope

Never trip on rope in the dark again. This rope will soak up the sun in the day and reflect light all night! Looks great camping

Price: Low $


Pet Odor Eliminator Scented Candles

We know you love your pets, but now you can love how they smell too! Just light this candle and your guests will love this scent!

Price: Medium $$


Glow In The Dark Neon Tattoos 

Whether you’re going to a festival, rave, or throwing an awesome blacklight party, these are the temporary tattoos to get! 

Price: Low $


Magic Smoke from Finger Trick

amaze your friends by making smoke appear from your fingers when you snap. This kit will have everything you need!

Price: Low $


Bacon Chocolate Sampler (3pc Set)

Give the bacon lover in your life the gift of a life time. You are going to love the taste of 2 of your favorite things combined!!

Price: Medium $$


Dog Potty Personal Doorbell

Instead of you guessing and letting your dog out unnecessarily just let them ring the bell. No more big indoor messes!!!!

Price: Medium


Universal Winter Car Tire Anti-Skid Chains

These snow chains are easy to put on and are a great way to prevent getting stuck and slipping on the road. Great gift idea!

Price: Low $


Real Space Iron Meteorites

You can own a small piece of space! These crashed to earth not long ago! You need this piece to show off to all your friends!

Price: LOW $!$!


Galaxy Lolipop Set of 10

These lollipops are a perfect gift for anyone who deserves the universe! The Galaxy Lollipops are made to perfection!

Price: Medium $$


Premium Wool Cat Cave Bed

You give yourself a nice cozy bed, why not your cat? Most cats love small warm spaces to make them feel safe, it’s perfect!

Price: Medium $$


Planet Marbles Gemstones Set

This is a great desk toy or display, impress your clients or jazz up your home! Just set them up and be amazed at the quality!

Price: Medium $$


Multi-Colored Light Up Bottles

Make your backyard a little brighter and cooler at night with these awesime light up colored bottles. Why not get them?!?!

Price: Low $


Wearable Snow Leg Sleds

No need to ever drag a sled up a hill ever again! These leg sleds are great for getting a running start and speeding down the hill

Price: Medium $$


Ribbon Butter Dispenser

Putting butter on toast has never been easier with this amazing refillable ribbon dispenser! Toast will never be the same!!!!

Price: Medium $$


Segway Drift W1 e Roller Skates

Imagine how easy it is to get around with these awesome and versitile e skates! Just put them down and you can zip around!!!

Price: High $$$


Tub O Towels HeavyDuty Wipes

No mess is too big for these amazing wipes! These wipes can be used on many surfaces. Just start wiping and mess gone!

Price: Low $


White And Gold Fountain Pen

Start signing your checks in style with these white and gold fountain pens. Start learning professional calligraphy today!!!

Price: Low $


Water Dancing LED Colored Speakers

You can dance along to the music with the water in these speakers! It jets up colored water to the beats, will dance to any song!

Price: Low $


Amazing Kinetic Sand 2 LB Pack

Get your hands on some amazing kinetic sand! You’ve seen all the oddly satisfying videos, now you can make one for yourself.

Price: Medium $$


Light Up Electric Bubble Gun

Get the party started with this awesome light up electric bubble gun. Just pull the trigger and get tons of colorful bubbles!

Price: Low $


Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit

Turn an ordinary watermelon into a delicious drink with this deluxe tap. Just plug the tap in and you’re ready to pour!

Price: Medium $$

Blacklight Neon Fluorescent Paint

Paint a beautiful work of art that glows in the dark with this awesome neon fluorescent pain. Just brush the paint on!

Price: Low $


Himalayan Color Changing Salt Lamp

Negative salt ions released by heating can boost blood flow, improve sleep, increase levels of serotonin in the brain, and calm.

Price: Low $


Hyper Realistic Moon Night Light

Whether there is a full moon out or not, with this moon night light you can always have a full moon on your own nightstand!!

Price: Medium $$


Pre-seeded Sunflower Mat

Simply roll out this sunflower mat anywhere you would like these beautiful flowers to grow! Sunflowers are very fun!!!!

Price: Low $


No Spill Aerating Wine Glass

Haven’t dinken enough yet? Why not watch your booze on a cruze while you wait for your next drink to stop spinning!

Price: Medium $$


Voyager Gold Plated Record Display

Imagine this gold plated record display hanging on your wall! This is an iconic piece of history that can be in your home!

Price: High $$$


Draw Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

Circuit Scribe puts the power of electricity into a pen, making the joy of creating circuits accessible to anyone, anywhere!!!

Price: Medium $$


Insects Bites Itch and Pain Relief 

This amazing new invention heats the bites and stings to the perfect temperature to heal those annoying itches

Price: Low $


Hidden Automatic Door Stopper

With this magnetic automatic door stopper and never dent your wall again. Just set it up and you can slam it shut!!

Price: Medium $$

incense 2.gif

Backflow Incense Burner Waterfall 

Look how relaxing this incense waterfall is! Just set the incense on the top of the waterfall and watch as it flows to down!!

Price: Medium $$


Incredibly Soft Luxurious Blanket

This is the perfect item to survive the winter weather. Leave this blanket on the back of your chair and it looks amazing!

Price: Medium $$


Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless 2017 model

This features a 1GHz ARM11 CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 1080p mini HDMI socket, and a micro-B USB for power!

Price: Medium $$


Official Size Glow In The Dark Basketball

You can now play basketball in the dark with this light up ball! Just pump it up and turn on the light and you’re ready to play.

Price: Medium $$


Giant 5 Pound Gummy Bear

Finally get a huge supply of your favorite snack, gummy bears! With 5 pounds of gummy bear these enough for everyone!

Price: Medium $


Silica Aerogel Worlds Lightest Solid

This engineering marvel is something you have to see to believe! This is the lightest solid you will ever hold in your life….

Price: Medium $$


Flame Color Changing Pine Cones

Bring some colorful bursting flames into your fireplace with these flame color changing pine cones. Just toss one in! 

Price: Medium $$


Laser Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

This laser projection keyboard brings fun and work together when you can type on almost any surface! The future is now.

Price: Medium $$


Lightning USB Flash Drive 128 Gb

Never run out of storage ever again with this IOS 128 Gb flash drive. It can plug into your phone and any IOS device!

Price: Low $


Heat Sensitive Color Changing Tape

Turn any boring repair job into an exiting experience with this heat sensitive color changing tape. Just put it on and have fun.

Price: Low $


Holographic NeoCube Set

Now you can hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand, examine fossils and ancient artifacts like a real archaeologist, with this.

Price: Low $


Rainbow Painting Roller Set

Make your room look awesome with this cool paint roller set. Just pour whatever colors in and paint to your personal style!

Price: Low $


Colorful Gummy Bear Maker

Make as many gummy bears as you can bare! Choose your shape, color and consistency! Just pour and you’re done!

Price: Medium $$


Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb

Having trouble finding the end of the rainbow? How about swimming in it! With this cool rainbow bath bomb you now can!

Price: Low $


Fun Cat Face Roller Messager

Bond with your feline friend to the next level with this cat face messager! Just sit them down and roll this on their little face

Price: Low $


Bottle Opener and Launcher!

With the same amazing tool you can load the bottlecap launcher and send it into the air! Great ice breaker for any party

Price: Low $


Metallic Set of 10 Beautiful Tapes

Bring your gift giving abilities to the next level with these awesome tapes! Just tape up your gift and it will look amazing!!!!

Price: Low $


$10,000 Dollar Prop Money

Fake your friends out when you pull out a wad of $10,000 fake money. Look like a baller carrying around 10,000 dollars cash!

Price: Low $


PanGogh Pancake Art DIY Kit

You can finally make real art and real food at the same time! Just pour on the griddle and watch your pancake art come to life!!

Price: Medium $$


Real Dinosaur Tooth With Display Case

Certified authentic, come exclusively from licensed suppliers. These dinosaur teeth are MILLIONS of years old and look great!

Price: Low $


Smoke Ring Maker and Bubble Blower 

Did you know you can blow a bubble and a smoke ring at the same time? Well you can, with this amazing bubble blower!

Price: Medium


Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit (5X Ghost Peppers!!!)

Make the next hot sauce you eat your very own with this hot sauce kit. You can make your potent stash however hot you want.

Price: Medium $$


Invisiplug 6-Outlet with 2 USB Ports 

Need more plug space but hate the look of a power strip? look no further! With the invisiplug you can hide your power strip.

Price: Medium $$


Stretchable Cold Food Covers

Never let your excess food go to waste! With these stretchable covers you can get a nice air tight seal on any shape of food.

Price: Medium $$


Permanent Match Striker Set

You’ll only ever need one mach in your life with this permanent match striker set. Just light the match and it will last a long time!

Price: Low $