Featured Gifts


Light Up Newtons Cradle

Bring some class and excitement to your desk with this light up newtons cradle! Just pull one ball back and let the fun begin.

Price: Low $


32-Ounce Slush Drink Maker

Finally you can make your own slushies at home! The possibilities and flavors are endless with this slushie maker!!

Price: Medium $$


Gold Magnetized Ferrofluid

This is an amazing liquid and magnetic material. This is a one of a kind chemical make up that is an unique display piece

Price: Medium $$


Hot/Cold Color Changing Faucet

Be amazed when you turn from hot to cold and watch the colors change! You’ll never accidentally have the wrong temperature

Price: Low $

Innovative Rotating Duplex Outlet

STOP sacrificing two plugs on an outlet for an awkward cable! Just rotate and finally use your house to it’s full ability.

Price: Low $


Hatching Dinosaur Candle

Watch the baby velociraptor emerge from this amazing hatching candle! Just light the wick and watch it really hatch.

Price: Medium $$

Harry Potter Writing Bundle

Send letters to your friends that are officially wax sealed in your favorite houses crest with this writing bundle!

Price: Medium $$

Innovative New Staple-Free Stapler

Make you edge in the business world with this staple free stapler. Uniquely folds paper onto itself to form a paper staple.

Price: Low $


Complete Emergency Snack Pack

This emergency snack pack is great to have in the car just in case! Also perfect to have at party, it’s jammed packed!

Price: Medium $$


NEW The Space Scented Candle

What does space smell like? you don’t have to become an astronaut to find out you can finally find out with this candle

Price: Medium $$


Marble Rolling Pin and Base

This marble rolling set is almost the same price as the wooden ones. They will bring your kitchen to a new level.

Price: Medium $$

USB Microscope, For PC and Phones

Look at the world through the eyes of an ant with this microscope you can use with your phone AND your computer!

Price: Medium $$


Amazing Crystal-Clear Ice Ball Maker

Impress yourself and your guests when you cool your drinks with these awesome crystal-clear ice balls!!!

Price: Medium $$


MoMA Small Perpetual Calendar

There’s no better way to spend a revolution around the sun then watching this calendar do its thing!

Price: Medium $$


Portable Sync Keychain Cable

Never let your phone battery completely run out with this portable charging cable. Just use it when needed.

Price: Low $


Crazy Rheoscopic Fluid Planet

Shake this sphere and watch the universe appear! Just shake the ball and watch it flow for hours and hours!!!

Price: Medium $$


3D Stair Sticker DIY Steps

Make your home look like a work of art with these book shelve steps! They can be attached to most steps and are nice.

Price: Medium $$


Battery Powered Fairy Lights

These fairy lights are perfect for any end table or decorative mason jar! Just put them in, turn them on and that’s it.

Price: Low $


USB Powered Plasma Ball

You can finally wield the power of plasma with this USB powered plasma ball. Plug it into any USB port to watch the beams.

Price: Low $


Vertical Garden Wall Planter 

Bring some life in your house with these garden walls. Just hang them up plant the seeds and all you have to do is water

Price: Low $


Hamburger Hot Dog Maker

Stop eating hot dogs you don’t know what it’s filled with! You can make high quality meat hot dogs with this form

Price: Medium $$


Mokulock Wooden Building Blocks

Bring a nice aesthetic to your desk while having an excuse to play at work at the same time. What will you build?

Price: Medium $$

Clever Split Decision Pie Pan

Have you ever been wanting to bake a pie but couldn’t decide which one to make? Just make half of each with this!

Price: Low $


Tylt Dual Port USB Charger

Now you don’t have to choose between a friendship and a dead battery on your next car ride. Just plug it in and share!

Price: Low $


Playstation Classic Console

Have a weekend of great nostalgia with this classic playstation. Just invite some friends and experience great games!!

Price: High $$$

Genius Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Make your next flight a breeze with this lazy cell phone holder! Just attach any phone and you are ready to relax….

Price: Low $


The Scale of Things - Giant Book

This book brings the scale of things in a way that you can comprehend. The size of the universe to the size of a molecule

Price: Low $

Touch Screen Joypad For Smart Phones

Bring your mobile gaming to the next level with this touch screen smart phone. Just clip it on an instantly get an edge up!

Price: Low $

Innovative Desk Foot Hammock

You can finally relax at your desk with this foot hammock. Just hang it up and hang your feet. Fits many desk sizes.

Price: Low $


Perfect Roll Sushi Machine. Price: Low $

Stop buying expensive sushi when you can make it yourself. With this sushi maker it has never been easier to do!

Price: Low $


The Magic Tap Bottle Dispenser

Your days of pouring are over, with the innovative design of the magic tap you can push the tab and it dispenses!!!

Price: Low $


Smart Travel Security Socks

These socks are a must have when traveling. Just put your valuables in them, who’s going to rob your socks?

Price: Medium $$


Funny Bubble Wrap Calendar

Pop out each day of the year with this bubble wrap calendar. You can wait until after each long day to bubble pop!

Price: Medium $$


Ultimate 43-in-1 Survival Kit

You can be ready for whatever destiny throws your way with this ultimate survival kit. Apocalypse bring it on!

Price: Medium $$


Worlds Smallest Violin Just For You

You can finally get your friends to stop complaining when you play the worlds smallest violin. It works every time!

Price: Medium $$


Keychain Stun Gun 6,000,000 Volts

There is no better way for self defense than this stun gun key-chain. Just hook it on to any key chain and that’s it.

Price: Medium $$