Featured Gifts


The starting point to any task, the Baseline is as strong as it gets, never burnt, always BOLD. Detroit Bold!

Price: Medium $$


100% Light Absorbing Paint

This paint can hide the form of any sculpture with a couple coats of this light absorbing paint. Fun project idea!

Price: Medium $$


Harry Potter Pop-Up Book

Get a first hand experience of the magic of Hogwarts with this one of a kind popup book. Great gift idea for anyone!

Price: Medium $$

White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a great gift idea for someone you don’t like! Watch them struggle for hours as they don’t make any progress

Price: Medium $$

Mcdonald's Szechuan Sauce 10 pack

Bring your Rick and Morty dreams to life when you can finally get your hands on this very rare szechuan sauce!!!

Price: Medium $$


Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Create an amazing and delicious pop-sickle with this fun lightsaber maker! Just pour and freeze and you’re done.

Price: Medium $$

Inflatable Tube Guy Miniature

Turn your desk into a mini used car lot with this wacky inflatable tube guy. Just turn him on a watch him dance forever!

Price: Low $


Solar Powered Mosquito Zapper

Just set this solar powered mosquito zapper up and your bug problems will be over. Never need to change batteries

Price: Low $

Rose Gold Crystal Clear USB

Bring your business skills to a whole new level with this Crystal USB. Store all your files in a beautiful 16GB USB

Price: Low $

Worlds Smallest Convenient Tracker

Never lose your keys, phone or wallet ever again! Just attach this tracker to anything and you can see it on an app!

Price: Medium $$

World's Smallest Solar Powered Car

Can you believe this is only 6 dollars! Technology has come so far! Just set it and it will drive until the sun burns out!

Price: Low $

blk Enriched Spring Water with Fulvic Acid

This is actually black water! it is enriched with fulvic acid and is a healthy cool choice of a beverage.

Price: Low $


Cryptex USB Flash Drive 32 GB

This physical password protected USB is a great way to protect your information from being compromised.

Price: Medium $$

The Alexa for your car

Now you can finally bring Alexa to your car! Just plug in the echo auto and you’re ready to go. “Alexa call Mom“.

Price: Medium $$


Reflective Spray non-permanent

Don’t chance getting hit on the road when running and biking! Just spray it on and ride or run in confidence!

Price: Medium $$


Smart Padlock to Protect Deliveries

Never have a package stolen off your porch again! You’re have the sole access to your lock box. Buy with confidence!

Price: High $$$

Inflatable Comfortable Car Bed

This Inflatable car be is a must have at your next drive in movie adventure. Just inflate the bed and you’re done!

Price: High $$$

bug assault.jpg

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 The Original Salt Gun

Have a hard time swatting those pesky flies? Just aim and fire and your fly problems are over, and have fun too.

Price: Medium $$

bacon bowl.jpg

Perfect Amazing Bacon Bowl

Can you hurt food by adding a bacon bowl? can’t hurt. You should get this and try it out at your next party. Why not?

Price: Low $


Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Confuse all your friends when you pull out a fire extinguisher that spits fire. Just pull the trigger and be blow away.

Price: Low $

gold playing cards.jpg

Playing Cards in 999.9 Gold Foil Plating

Play your next game of war with these high stakes gold deck of cards! They come with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: Low $


Official Lego Brick Erasers

Make studying a fun time with these Lego bricks. They are just like the traditional erasers just more fun!

Price: Low $

rub away garlic soap.jpg

Stainless Steel Odor Absorber

These bars remove odors on your hands on contact. This is a must have in your kitchen! Just rub and the smell is gone.

Price: Low $

Cube 3D Printer Build Anything

Have a great idea! Start with a prototype with this 3D printer. Start bringing those ideas into existence!

Price: High $$$

plastic weld.jpg

BONDIC Liquid Plastic Welder

Never buy another phone charger again! Just use this easy liquid plastic welder to fix your all broken cables.

Price: Medium $$

bag carriers.jpg

Mighty Handle Multi Bag Holder

Start working smart and not hard with these bag holders. It’s time you start saving time carrying in groceries.

Price: Low $

dinosaur oragami.jpg

Dinosaur Oragami Paper Set

Spend your free time relaxing and bringing paper dinos back to life. Just follow the instructions to have fun!

Price: Low $

gummy straw.jpg

Fun Gummy Worm Straws

You can take a sip and a bite at the same time with these gummy worm straws! Just put it into any drink and enjoy!

Price: Low $

mine lighter.jpg

Light Mine Hands-Free Flashlight

This is perfect for all those hard to reach places. Just toss it to anything metal and you will have instant light!

Price: Low $

small rubicks cube.jpg

Rubik's Cube Miniature Edition

Add another level of challenge to the regular rubik’s cube with this mini version. You can take this anywhere!

Price: Low $

avacado tree.jpg

Perfect Avocado Tree Growing Kit

You love a avocados right? Why not start growing your own! This is the easiest way to save money on avocados.

Price: Low $

AirFort Build A Fort in 30 Seconds

You can build a indoor fort in seconds, think of all the possibilities. Just fill the tent with air and let the fun begin.

Price: Medium $$

can safe.jpg

Hawaiian Punch Can Diversion Safe

You can start hiding your jewelry and money in plain sight. Just place this in your fridge and don’t stress about theft.

Price: Low $

engine start button bling.jpg

Bling Car Accessory for Auto Start Button

Start being the rich person you wish you could be with this car bling. All you have to do is stick it on the button.

Price: Low $

Highlighter 3 tip.jpg

Useful 3-Way Highlighter Pen

With these highlighters make studying a breeze. Lightly press to outline a word and press hard for a traditional effect.

Price: Low $

mirror lighter.jpg

Fire Starter Solar Cigarette Lighter

There is no better way to light something then the sun. Just load the mirror and point it towards the sun.

Price: Low $

water proof kindle.jpg

Kindling Stays lit in Water

Light this kindling drop it in water and it will keep going. This is so perfect for your survival kit or just for camping.

Price: Low $

rose foam.gif

Incredible Rose Foam 3D Soap

Impress your guests at your next house party with this rose soap! Just push down and watch the rose come to life.

Price: Low $


Flavored Cup Changes Water Flavors

Just put water into this cup and the flavor transformation will blow your mind! There are many choices in flavors

Price: Medium $$

chalkboard mug.jpg

Ceramic Chalkboard Mug

Start actually remembering to do things with this ceramic mug. Just jot down any idea on this mug and never forget!

Price: Low $

fruit spray.jpg

Creative Multi Fruit Spritzer

Stop buying unhealthy additives for food. With this fruit spritzer you can add natural flavoring to all your food!

Price: Low $

jar opener.jpg

Genius Jar Opener Under Table Tool

Your days struggling to open jars are over! This tool can open almost every size of jars and stores under tables.

Price: Low $

reusable bags.jpg

Seal and Pour Reusable Bag Clip

Start that diet you always are thinking about doing. Just put this on any snack bag and don’t feel guilty about wasting!

Price: Low $


READYMAN Survival Cards

This is a must have for survival. This card includes everything you need when you are left alone in the wild.

Price: Low $