Featured Gifts

bubble fogger.jpg

Crazy New Bubble Fogger

Can you imagine how far mankind has come? You can own a piece of this pinnacle of human technology!

Price: High $$$


Incredible Edible Food Spray

Make a feast fit for king Midas with this gold spray. Impress your friends at your next party when you bring out gold food

Price: Low $

gold playing cards.jpg

Money to Burn Fire Starters 6 Pack

Look like the richest man alive with these hilarious fire starters. Imagine the surprised look on all your friends faces

Price: Low $

break geode.jpg

Break Your Own Geode Kit

This is a great center piece that you can make yourself! Easy to break, beautiful to display, what are you waiting for?

Price: Low $

Screenshot (87).png

Galaxy Contact Lenses 2-Pair

These lenses have a swirl effect to make a galaxy universe in your eyes, perfect for costumes and parties.

Price: Medium $$

New Hydrophobic Shoe Spray!

This new technology will forever change your shoe game! Wear your brand new kicks into any puddle.

Price: Medium $$

glow balls.jpg

12 Glowing Floating Garden Globes

Bring your backyard to life with these amazing colored balls. Each globe can change from seven color choices.

Price: Low $

Ultra-Bright LED Drumsticks

Make the audience light up with these high tech drumsticks. The entire stick glows in seven eye colors.

Price: Medium $$

EZSTAX Closet Organizer

Have a hard time staying organized? This organizer makes it so simple, just fold the clothes right into the EZSTAX!

Price: Medium $$

Solar Sun Jar Many Colors

Bring your back yard from bland into grand with these unique jars. Set them out to change and they’ll glow at night!

Price: Medium $$

Industrial Strength Glow Sticks 10 pack

You need to see these to believe how bright they are. With 5 colors these are a great deal and great for any party.

Price: Medium $$

Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

This extremely inventive bowl allows a cool to the touch surface directly out of the microwave. Great gift idea.

Price: Low $

bag carriers.jpg

Racing Stripes Vinyl Sticker

This is the sports car package you can actually afford! All you have to do is peel back the stickers and place them.

Price: Medium $$

dinosaur oragami.jpg

Worlds Loudest Whistle 142db

This whistle is so loud you’ll need to wear ear protection! It produces more db than a fighter jet with afterburner

Price: Low $

gummy straw.jpg

Angel Aura Quartz Titanium Coated

Hold and own one of the great natural wonders of the world. This will male a great conversation piece on your desk.

Price: Medium $$

mine lighter.jpg

Out of This World Galaxy Bath Bomb

Create a bath experience as unique as the galaxy itself. Just drop it into your bath and watch the universe appear!

Price: Low $

small rubicks cube.jpg

Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug

Watch all your favorite light sabers come to life as you pour your hot coffee into the your new Star Wars mug.

Price: Low $

Cute Mini Hoodies For Pets

Your pets will shut down in comfort when you slide this hoodie on them. They will look great on the next walk.

Price: Low $

Make Personalized Burger Press

Now you can bring the burger of your dreams to life. Fill it with anything whether it’s cheese, bacon or candy.

Price: Low $


Heat Sensitive Color Changing Putty

This heat sensitive putty changes color when it’s exposed to your body’s heat. This putty can be molded and bounced.

Price: Low $

Glow in the Dark Pebbles

Make a boring area into a majestic path with theses amazing pebbles. Just lay them down and watch the magic start

Price: Low $


The New Unique Pillow Safe

Who looks in pillows? Nobody! Just put your valuables into this ultra security pillow and sleep with confidence.

Price: Medium $$

Fun Tetris Fridge Magnets

This Tetris Magnet set will make you nostalgic and your a great way to make your fridge fun and very unique.

Price: Low $

Mutli-Color Drip Candles (4 pack)

You will be amazed from the second you light this candle. Starts as white but as it melts it drips an array of rainbow colors.

Price: Low $

can safe.jpg

Large LED Globe Night Light

Enhance your sleeping experience with the smooth natural night light globe. Just use the remote to change colors

Price: Medium $$

engine start button bling.jpg

Car Interior Underdash Lighting Kit

Make your car into the car of your dreams with this interior lighting kit. You can light the whole car interior!

Price: Medium $$


Collectible World Coin Grab Bag

Have fun searching a pouch of 50 random old coins from around the world. You could find a very rare coin!

Price: Low $

mirror lighter.jpg

Rare Japanese Coca-cola Clear coke

Try this rare clear coca-cola! Impress your friends when they try the clear coke that tastes like the original

Price: Low $

a bacon salt.jpg

Hickory Bacon Salt 2-Ounce Pack

Don’t you wish everything could taste like a delicious slab of bacon? Now it can! Just pour this on any food.

Price: Low $

Dinosaur Replica Claw Set

This set includes 3 replica claws, bring an amazing look to your desk. Travel back in time to the Jurassic era.

Price: Medium $$

Security Belt - Hidden Money Pouch

Hide all your valuables in plain sight when you travel with this security belt. Wears like a belt but is a great safe.

Price: Medium $$


The Best Travel Pillow in the World

Don’t have a lot of space? Need a nap? No need to look further than this ultra luxurious tall travel pillow.

Price: Medium $$

Spy Envelope X-Ray Spray

Spy on anyone’s mail without them ever finding out! Just spray on any envelope you would like to see through.

Price: Medium $$

Functional LED Ice Cubes

Make mind-blowing drinks with theses vibrant LED ice cubes. They are a great way to light up any party!

Price: Low $

OTG Endoscope Tube for Phones

Think of the possibilities with this camera. Whether you are a spy or a plumber you will want this neat tool.

Price: Medium $$


Nintendo Chess Super Mario

Even if you don’t know how to play chess you need this board on display. You can learn to play chess with Mario!

Price: Medium $$

phone sanitizer.jpg

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Charger

Do you know where your phone has been? Then you of all people know you need to start sanitizing your phone!

Price: Medium $$

fruit spray.jpg

Hand-blown Timer Bubble Hourglass

Watch the bubbles of time drift away as you turn over this bubble hourglass, This hourglass makes a nice desk piece.

Price: Medium $$

jar opener.jpg

Crazy Glow in The Dark Vinyl

This is great addition for your next project, whether it’s for your next gift or making a glow in the dark path

Price: Low $

reusable bags.jpg

Wooden Car Aromatherapy Clip

Freshen up your car without downgrading the interior style. Comes complete with 3 refill scented packs.

Price: Low $

blue rocks.jpg

Blue Peacock Ore 7 Pieces

Each piece of this peacock ore is extremely unique. Every which way you turn it shines a beautiful array of colors.

Price: Low $

High Power Green Laser Pointer

These lasers are so powerful they can ignite a match on contact. Plus you can entertain your pet for hours on end!

Price: Low $


New Galaxy Wrapping Paper

The cool ways to use this wrapping paper are as many as stars in the sky. Make your next party unforgettable!

Price: Medium $$

High Tech 100% Waterproof Socks

If you are in a situation where you have socks and are around water these are definitely the socks for you.

Price: Medium $$


2 LBS of Blue Kinetic Sand

This sand is endless fun, with its unique structure it will stick to itself and not you! Will hold many shapes and forms.

Price: Low $

Secret Invisible Ink Pen and Light

This amazing ink is not visible without the special included light. You can keep your secrets hidden and out of sight

Price: Low $


Music Activated Car Stickers 

Bring your car to a whole new level. These stickers will bounce to the beat of any music on your next joyride.

Price: Low $


Dexam Mighty Mug Travel Mug

This is the World's first unspillable travel mug. No matter how hard you push this mug it absolutely won’t move.

Price: Medium $$