Featured Gifts

An alexa gaming companion

Bring the family together for a modern game night. Just connect a button for each player and play from your echo!

Price: Medium $$

big sucker.jpg


Impress your friends with this GIGANTIC novelty cherry blow pop! How many licks to the bottom of this?

Price: Low $

Pet Neck Tie with White Collar

Turn your pet into the mystical business cat! It fits all sizes of pets and is an easy clip on. Your pet will own this with pride

Price: Low $

Titan Stormproof Match Kit

With these Titan stormproof matches you can build a fire no matter what. Burns submerged for 25 seconds!

Price: Low $

Huge 7 X 7 X 7 Puzzle Cube

This Rubik’s is HUGE! Impress your friends when you show them you can solve this gigantic Rubik’s cube!

Price: Medium $$

Pokemon Ceramic 20 OZ Coffee Mug

This is a must have for any Pokemon fan! There is no better way to start off a day then drinking coffee out of this cup

Price: Low $

real switch.jpg

Snap-On Instant Smart Light Switch

Sensor will flip on the lights when you come into the room. You can also control the lights via an app or alexa.

Price: Medium $$

bag sealer.jpg

The News Snack Bag Resealer

This bag re-sealer is a great way to start your diet. Just pour out an acceptable portion and seal the bag back up!

Price: Medium $$


Real Watch With Functioning Lighter

Conceal your smoking problem with this unique lighter watch. Disguised as a watch but functions like a lighter!

Price: Medium $$


Official Google Cardboard

This cardboard VR case from google makes VR easy. Just fold it together and you can use virtual reality on any phone.

Price: Low $

alarm clock game.jpg

Alarm Clock Infrared Laser

Never be late to work or school again! You will have to shoot the alarm to turn it off. You can practice your shot!

Price: Medium $$


Amazon Top Rated Trusted Products

Here you can discover the best in Amazon Best Sellers, and find the top 100 most popular items on Amazon

Price: Varies

seed guide.jpg

Doomsday Seeds Survival Garden

Are you really prepared for doomsday? After you leave the nuke shelter, you can be with this ready to store seed kit.

Price: Low $

Wheres Wally Beach Mural

Spend your day off staring at your wall finding waldo. There is no better way to decorate any wall, what a nice view!

Price: Medium $$

Flexible Natural Wood Cutting Board

Combines premium natural wood with cutting mat flexibility that delivers an innovative kitchen experience

Price: Medium $$

Sony Playstation Console Wallet

Grey Sony official PlayStation Console Men's Wallet. This wallet will bring all kinds of good old memories back.

Price: Medium $$

Mega Crystal Growing Night Light

Grow an amazing night light with this awesome kit. Just mix in water and watch the crystals grow in front of you!

Price: Medium $$

Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa

Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet. You won’t have to get up to turn off the light

Price: Medium $$

colored silverware.jpg

Titanium Plated Rainbow Color Cutlery

Who wants boring traditional silverware? Not me. Upgrade your kitchen with this awesome colored set

Price: Medium $$

solar system real.jpg

Solar System Crystal Ball

Hold the solar system in the palm of your hands with this crystal ball. Comes with a display stand. Great for desks.

Price: Medium $$


Powershell Iphone Controller

You can update your gaming on the iphone with this phone case. It also doubles as a portable phone charger.

Price: Low $

2-Liter Soft Drink Dispenser

Dispense the perfect amount of pop with this drink dispenser. With this you will never loose your pop carbonation.

Price: Low $

gold knife.jpg

Spring Assist Folding Knife

Quality pure gold folding knife. This is a premium knife for camping, fishing or any outdoor activity that needs a knife.

Price: Low $

mood ring.jpg

Color Changing Mood Ring 

You can show how happy, sad or annoyed you are without saying a word with this multi colored mood ring!

Price: Low $

space cookie.jpg

3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters

You’ll get cookie cutters to shape your 3D spaceship! Bring your star-fleet to life and take them out in one night!

Price: Medium $$

Blue Hand and Finger Exerciser

There’s not much to say about this item. The picture says it all, just put it on and work until your hands are stronger

Price: Medium $$

Mystical Fire Flame 12 Pack

Mystical Fire Flame Colorant produces brilliant and captivating colors! It can be used indoor or outdoor fire pit.

Price: Low $

super mario cereal.jpg

Super Mario Cereal 2 Pack

We like Mario on everything else in our lives, so why not cereal? You can finally have a complete breakfast with this!

Price: Low $

Galaxy Moonlight Cushion

Sleep with the light of the galaxy under your head with this moonlight galaxy cushion! It’s a great piece for any room.

Price: Medium $$

Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

Stop being intimidated by washing your shoes! Your shoes can get a complete dry with this washing and drying bag.

Price: Low $

Million Dollars, But... The Game

A card game that puts your morals and imagination to the test "What would you do for a million dollars?"

Price: Medium $$

Fire Flickering Bulb Indoor/Outdoor

Give a great look to any indoor or outdoor light fixture! Just plug it in and change the bulb to multiple modes.

Price: Low $

sand drawer.jpg

Automatic Sand-Drawing Machine

Give your Zen garden an upgrade with the Sandscript Automatic Sand-Drawing Machine from Think Geek!

Price: High $$$

smoke gun real.jpg

Blasts Smoke Rings Up To 12 Feet!

You can finally blow some rings and you don’t have to start vaping. Just point and shoot these non-toxic smoke rings

Price: Medium $$

App Controlled Paper Airplane

Just fold your favorite paper airplane and hook up the motor to fly it around. You can fly the airplane with an app.

Price: Medium $$

clock fan.jpg

Incredible LED Clock Fan

Just plug this into any USB port to get the time with a nice cool breeze. This is a great gift idea for anyone with a job.

Price: Low $


ColorSwirl Mult-Color Coupler

Make your next batch of cupcakes standout! You can funnel three colors of frosting on at the same time!

Price: Low $

color cake.jpg

Amazing Tie-Dye Mix Box Cake

Create an artisan style baked cake. It’s easy to bake, mix and spread the colors. The hardest part is to stop eating it

Price: Low $

Amazing 90 Degree Angle Scissors

This is the final fix to a very old problem! You can finally get productive with wrapping, cutting and slicing

Price: Medium $$

ant farm.jpg

Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

Watch as your ants develop new territories in this amazing glowing habitat. Just plug it in and you’re done.

Price: Medium $$

Large 32 Pack LED Balloons

Make your next party special with these led glow in the dark balloons. Just blow them up and tie them off and that’s it!

Price: Low $

Seeding Square Seed Spacer

Start growing your own food. Gardening has never been easier. Just lay down the grid and watch them grow

Price: Medium $$

Original Planet Lollipops

These awesome planet lollipops are just as amazing to see as they are to eat. This is a great gift idea for you!

Price: Medium $$

Cool RC Wall Climbing Car

This RC car is unlike any other. It can climb and stick to walls. You can race all around your house from floors to walls. 

Price: Medium $$

Tile Sport Anything Finder 

Just attach this to anything and have no trouble finding your things ever again! Whether it’s your keys or your phone.

Price: Medium $$

mini camera.jpg

Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Think of the possibilities of this mini spy camera! You could strap it to a hot wheels or see what your cat does all day

Price: Medium $$

invisible fountain ink pen.gif

Blue Ghost Invisible Fountain Pen Ink

Bring your calligraphy skills to the next level with this amazing glow in the dark ghost ink. Just light it up to see the ink!

Price: Low $

real glasses.jpg

Tinted Diffraction Glasses

This is a must have at the next concert you go to. Just put these lenses on to experience a colorful display anywhere.

Price: Low $