Large Japanese Candy Pack

This jumbo candy pack is the best way to have a sweet treat while culturing yourself both at the same time!

Price: Medium $$


Multi Colored Lava 4.5-Inch Lamp       

Get your hands on one of these cool lava lamps before they are gone! This will bring a great mood to any room.

Price: Medium $$


Kinetic Sand 3 pound Brown

Kinetic sand is something you must feel for yourself. Just mold it and watch it shape and fall into unique forms!

Price: Low $


3 Piece Galaxy Bedding Set

Slip into the galaxy when you dream with these galaxy bedding set. This set is an amazing value compared to others

Price: Medium $$


Edible Genuine Gold Leaf for Drinks

Turn your regular champagne into something amazing. Make it look like drink fit for a king at a royal party

Price: Low $


Bushnell HD Square Beam Flashlight

With new technology you can now have a square beam flashlight! This is a fun item to bring on your next camping trip

Price: Medium $$


100pcs Gold Shiny Balloons

There is no better way to upgrade a party than to use these gold balloons! Just fill them up and let them shine.

Price: Low $


MeUndues get 20% off instantly!

Think you might enjoy MeUndies. They're bringing softer-than-soft basics for everybody by sourcing only the best.

Price: Medium $$

fidget spinner.jpg

Fidget Spinner High Speed Stainless Steel

Bring the fad of fidget spinners back with this high quality spinner. It is made of stainless steel and has a great spin!

Price: Low $

big penny.jpg

Giant Novelty Penny Fake Jumbo Coin

This is a funny prank gift idea. It is hilariously large and is the most useless thing in the history of man kind.

Price: Low $

Click The Dog To Play Fetch!

fortnite monopoly.jpg

Monopoly: Fortnite Board Game

Bring your friends to this battle royale Monopoly. Start off even but only one can win. Get yours today and play!

Price: Medium $$


Bluetooth Music LED Light

This light bulb is must have for any home theater. Just pug it in and it changes colors and is surround sound!

Price: Low $


Towallmark Self Stirring Mug

This mug will revolutionize your coffee drinking experience. Just push the button on the handle and watch it stir.

Price: Low $


Rust Oleum Never Wet Multi Purpose Kit

This new technology spray allows you to spray on your shoes so water will just roll off the surface. It is unbelievable!

Price: Low $

RC Flying Drone Quad-copter

This quad-copter is a great starter drone for anyone new to flying. Just charge it up and have a blast flying!

Price: Medium $$

floating globe.jpg

Floating Illuminated Globe

This globe floats and changes colors as it spins! This illuminating globe is a great gift to anyone and perfect for you!

Price: Medium $$


Smart Apron Cooking Guide

This is the perfect apron for people who don’t know how to cook. It has measurement conversions for anything.

Price: Medium $$


Mini Finger Drum Desktop Set

Mini Finger Drum Set is a fun way to let off steam without waking up the neighbors. You can jam away.

Price: Medium $$

pop socket.jpg

Collapsible Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablet

This cool galaxy grip adds a secure grip to your phone. Just pop it in and out to fit in your pocket or to hold your phone

Price: Low $


24kt Gold Plated Spinning Top

Your spinning top will forever remain a timeless, elegant piece of art that will be loved by you and your children

Price: Medium $$


Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

This compact key holder will hold all of your preexisting keys! No need to cut new keys! Perfect key organizer.     

Price: Medium $$


Clip On Ring Light for Camera

This is perfect for any selfie! Just clip it on any phone and get the perfect lighting for any picture you want!

Price: Low $

s-l640 (1).jpg

New Hexcup Beer Pong Set

Up your pong game with these perfect fit hex cups. Just line them up in a pyramid and fill with your favorite drink

Price: Low $


OLLY Restful Sleep Gummy 50 Count

Use this sleep supplement to reach a deeper sleep. They are berry flavored and help you get to sleep faster.

Price: Low $


Smooth Fire Opal Soap Rock

 THIS IS SOAP! This is a must have when company comes over. Just lay it out and see what your friends think.

Price: Low $


Home Security Steel Dictionary Safe

This book doubles as a nice shelf piece and a durable steel lock box. Comes with 2 keys and is perfect for your home

Price: Low $


SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy a high definition stereo sound with an impressive loud volume when you're lounging around the house

Price: Medium $$


Kitchen Knife Set Cosmos Series

You can chop and mince in style with these galaxy knives. You don’t even need to cook these just look great.

Price: Medium $$


Flameless Candles with Remote

These led candles are a must for the holidays. You can control the color of the light with the convenient controller

Price: Low $

glue 3d.jpg

3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen

Bring your imagination to life with this 3d pen, if you can think it you can make it. Just write your thoughts into reality

Price: Medium $$


 USB 2.0 Message in a   Bottle

Get a hold of this hilarious message in a bottle recreation. Perfect for business and even better for a novelty item.

Price: Low $


Galaxy Ball Crystal Display Globe 2.3 inch  

Hold our galaxy in the palm of your hand with this galaxy crystal display. You can also light it up with the stand.

Price: Low $


8000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Are you ready for a power outage? Your phone will be ready with this solar powered water proof power bank.

Price: Medium $$


JELL-O Play Build Construction Set

You can build buildings and structures with this Jello play set. Just pour the jello in and you’re ready to build!

Price: Low $


Hog Wild Toys Air Strike Catapult

Declare cubicle war with this desk catapult. Just stick it to any flat surface and your ready to hurdle boulders!

Price: Low $


LED Light Waterproof Shoelaces

These shoe laces will light up in any color imaginable. You can just string them up and light up any room!

Price: Low $


Mini Strandbeest Model Kit

Great gift idea or perfect for your desk, it is very cool to build and watch this engineering marvel.

Price: Low $


Hot Wheels GoPro Car Mount

Attach your go pro to this hot wheels car and watch your track come to life! You can have fun at the same time.

Price: Low $


Flameless Plasma X Lighter Rechargeable

This lighter is a game changer! No need to ever buy another one again. Just recharge it and light with a tazer beam

Price: Low $


Geometric Snake Fidget Cube Twist Puzzle

Feed your need to fidget with these cube twist puzzle. There are so many combinations possible with these cubes

Price: Low $

laser tag.jpg

Premium Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun Set of 4 with Designer Case & Beetle Bug

This lazer tag set is perfect for your kids next birthday party! Comes with 4 lazer pistols and will keep your score!

Price: High $$$